sustainable gardening

Icons for HORTIS europe used as patterns for stencils, that mark the skills and abilities of various urban gardening projects based in Italy, Spain, Germany and Hungary to transfer knowledge and thereby contribute to inclusion and socialization. Commissioned by workstation Ideenwerkstatt Berlin

(in total 5 digital drawings, Berlin 2014)

fair-handeln! – Anstiftungen für zukunftsfähiges Handeln

A book that gives inspiration for sustainability in everyday life.
(Paperback, 192 pages, colored, Berlin 2013, ISBN 978-3-00-045409-7)

Self-made as a new way of life is the policy of acting. fair-handeln! introduces recipes, instructions and a collection of exemplary projects, that practice models like borrowing instead of owning, self-made instead of buying, repairing, up-cycling instead of throwing away or shared economies. To share useful knowledge for acting (without consuming) is a focus, a collection of places, possibilities and tips for sustainability.

Published by Jana Prüss (MORGENGRÜN Communication) and und.Institut für Kunst, Kultur und Zukunftsfähigkeit.
Design and Illustration in cooperation with Tobias Morawski, based on a graphic concept of