We Need to Talk, AI


In a wonderful collaboration with Dr. Julia Schneider we created the comic essay We Need to Talk, AI. In 56 pages, the basics, examples, opportunities and risks as well as an outlook and some thoughts on social utopias are illuminated. The project should offer the opportunity to get involved in the topic and to participate in the debates in order to shape the development of this groundbreaking technology. We are looking forward to your feedback and are eager to see what comes next…

In 30 years, will robots do all the unpleasant work for us? Or will they subjugate us to become submissive slaves? The debates on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change our lives move between these extremes. There is no doubt that the change will be dramatic. Maybe now is just the right time to start interfering.

This pioneering comic on AI invites you on an 56-page long, illustrated journey through the dimensions and implications of the groundbreaking technology. Discussing important chances and risks associated with AI, this work is a creative stimulus for insiders of the subject as well as an invitation for newbies to get informed and join the debate.

Have a free read online: www.weneedtotalk.ai
Or buy a copy (11,99 €): epubli.de

(A4, digital drawing in black/white, 56-pages, Berlin 2019)


(De-)koloniale Bilderwelten

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In the framework of a project named “(De-)koloniale Bildwelten” by glokal I contributed three posters as a perspective on globale injustice in the context of development cooperation. Together with the contributions of Rajkamal Kahlon and Isaiah Lopaz, the works were shown on public billboards in berlin during Christmas time to oppose against an imagery of discriminating and racist donation advertisement.

(3 A2 posters, 4/4 Offset print, Berlin 2016)
(Billboard with 3 images, screened on Moritzplatz/Oranienstr., Berlin, dec. 27th – jan. 9th 2016)