„Cosmopolitics! Hoch die internationale Stadt!“

Max Sauermoser and me made drawings while listening to an audioclip composed by MetroZones. Now there is a audiovisual collection of thoughts about the emancipatory potential of urban citizenship and the concept of sanctuary city concepts. Enjoy.




Ich freue mich sehr, ab 1. April 2017 bei Infotext (infotext-berlin.de) einzusteigen. Von dort aus mache ich weiter Infografiken, Layout, Illustrationen und sonstige grafische Dinge, nun jedoch in einem Team. Das macht mehr Spass und ist weniger prekär!

(De-)koloniale Bilderwelten

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In the framework of a project named “(De-)koloniale Bildwelten” by glokal I contributed three posters as a perspective on globale injustice in the context of development cooperation. Together with the contributions of Rajkamal Kahlon and Isaiah Lopaz, the works were shown on public billboards in berlin during Christmas time to oppose against an imagery of discriminating and racist donation advertisement.

(3 A2 posters, 4/4 Offset print, Berlin 2016)
(Billboard with 3 images, screened on Moritzplatz/Oranienstr., Berlin, dec. 27th – jan. 9th 2016)



illustrated infographics – public transport

Commissioned by INFOGRAFIK.PRO various illustrated infographics emerged on the issues of public transport in berlin. My contribution is listed as following:

“Neue Züge, mehr Komfort”: draft, illustration of three sceneries and lateral infoboxes, icon design
“Berufsausbildung”: Illustrations of various sceneries
“Gleisdreieck saniert”: Illustration of scenery and infoboxes
“Mehr Tram am Hauptbahnhof”: Illustration of three main sceneries
“Digitalisierung”: Illustration of the scenery, lateral infoboxes, icon design
“Unimog”: Illustration of lateral infoboxes

(digital drawing, commissioned by INFOGRAFIK.PRO, published in the “Profil” and “Plus” magazin of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Berlin, 2015/2016)